Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae

11216515_719170244854022_2078684411824123537_o I would like to introduce you to my little twinkles-

Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae.

They are my absolute world. I really cannot imagine my life without them now. its amazing how much your life changes once you have created mini humans!

Here are some facts about my little twinkles πŸ™‚

Emilia was Twin 1/A & Gracie was Twin 2/B in ultrasounds.

They were due on 26.04.2014

They are 1 Years old (11-04-2014)

They were born a minute apart via emergency c-section (03.39am & 03.40am)

Emilia weighed 5lbs 11.5oz & Gracie 6lb 9oz

Emilia was 46cm & Gracie was 52cm

They are fraternal/non identical twins (they had a sac of their own & a placenta each so yeah they didn’t even share then. lol!)

They’re the same blood group, Have the same hair colour & the same eye colour and their teeth cut through the same time.

People are adamant that they are identical. Sometimes i do wonder myself if they are. its so obvious to me that they aren’t identical but it would be since I’m their mum. very tempted to get a DNA test done just to determine whether they are or not.

They’re always the same shoe size. Currently 5F (Clarks Shoes)

Their personalities are completely different. Emilia is mischievous and is such a monkey while Gracie is quieter. But Gracie does tend to copy Emilia when she climbs onto the TV stand and opening the sideboard drawers and the other monkeyness she gets up to!

They don’t like sleeping . They still don’t sleep through. I get up various times a night. Arghhh! *pulling hair out*… BUT.. that might be down to the fact that they don’t have their own room yet.. i can live in hope cant i!?

They love books and could sit for ages listening to stories.

I always dress them the same… Yes i am that twin mum. Lol!

They love singing & dancing. Mainly to Cbeebies theme songs!

They are the best of friends. I honestly think they would be completely lost without each other. Even though they fight..ALOT!

Gracie lets me know now when she does a fart by saying “papoo” so.. unfortunately i can no longer blame my bum wind on her LOL!


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