Emilia & Gracie’s first year

Emilia & GracieSo, the first year has been so hard looking after my little twinkles. Its been hard because we haven’t really had anywhere this year that we could call home. So routines went through the window. The thing we did manage though, was to bathe the twinkles at 6pm every night and bed for 6.30pm and still do it now.

The first year was a bit surreal and crazy. I went from being a make up loving, music loving twenty one year old to a twenty two year old mum of two.. two??? How did that happen?! Well we all know how that happened but how amazing is that? Making one baby is amazing but 2? How was i capable of that? anyway enough of me rambling on..back to the subject.. so yeah it was a tough year. The girls really tested me! Gracie said her first word ‘dad’ and Emilia said her first word ‘mam’ so happy parents LOL! Β And both crawled around the same time- 2 months before their birthday then walked a month or so after their birthday. They are literally everywhere at the moment, TV stand, open the sideboard drawers, playing with the fireguard, Some days i wonder how the hell do i cope lol!

Oh and the sleeping, don’t get me started on the sleeping. Because they’ve never had their own room (YET) because we have been living with relatives for the past year, whenever me and Jamie go to bed about 15 minutes after or so they want milk.. they are milk monsters!! And then the literally wake up every hour throughout the night for more milk. We cant say no because we don’t want them to wake up our relatives. So when we move out the girls are going to have some serious training!! Lol.

I really cant imagine life without my little monkeys now, they have completed me. They are my whole world!! They bring me so much joy and happiness. yes it is exhausting and hard, i sometimes cry for a whole day because I’m so stressed and sleep deprived, but do you know what? i wouldn’t change it for the world.
Being a twin mum is what i was meant to do and I’m pretty damn good at it if i do say so myself!! sometimes i wish i had more energy and money but we cant have everything can we?

It is very challenging bringing up twins, every morning when i wake up i wonder what the day is going to be like, are they going to be monkeys all day & demanding.. its very unpredictable. i sometimes stress when both girls scream at the same time, who do i attend to first!? Who do i comfort? it is very hard, and the first weeks or so i was so down in the dumps as i felt i could only comfort one at a time and i felt awful leaving the other twin in her chair.
Sometimes i do wonder if things would be different if i only had the one baby- i don’t regret having my monkeys whatsoever, its a blessing, I truly believe that I’m the luckiest woman on this planet, If only i could give them as much attention as they should have as a singleton. i give them all of my love.. my heart is absolutely full of love for them, and i really do try my best to be the best mother i could possibly be. Like i said it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but do you know what? i like challenges:)

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