Things not to say to parents of Twins

18713_719169554854091_6224689640536697941_nSo many people have stopped us in the past year when the girls are with us. when they were a few weeks old i didn’t mind the attention because it was all new to me, but now, it’s got a bit annoying. Me & Jamie even avoid eye contact with people at supermarkets now because we never get our shopping done or we come from the supermarket without some stuff we needed.
People keep asking questions like “are they twins? are they identical?” i should really put a notice on the pram saying “yes, they are twins, no they are not identical, they are girls and no i haven’t got a favourite”

These are the questions & sayings that really frustrates me:

” Are they twins?”
No madam, they are triplets, i just left the ugly one at home!!

“Are they boys”
yep, they are boys, that’s why I’ve dressed them in pink, flowery dresses!!

“Double Trouble”
No, they are not double trouble, twins only mean i get double the cuddles, double the kisses, double the fun & double the love 🙂

“So i guess you have had all your babies in one?”
erm.. no i haven’t, i would LOVE another child, not now but sometime in the future so please stop assuming that Ive finished having children already because i haven’t, even though its no business of yours:)!!

“Wooaah, you’ve got your hands full!”
Okay, the girls can be a handful at times, the tantrums, the stealing of toys, the slapping & pushing but one baby can also be a handful. Having twins just means i have to do everything twice. i might have my hands full but my heart is even fuller!!

“Look, Twins!” –  Yes look, 2 babies… in a pram….you’re eyesight is fabulous madam!

“Ooh can i just take a look at them” – Erm, no id rather if you didn’t madam, Im in the middle of doing my weekly food shop… Ooh OK then since you’re still going to have a look anyway!

“Oh i had twins that were a year or so apart, it’s just like having twins!” – No! it is not like bringing up twins!!! nothing like it!

“Are you sure they aren’t identical? They look exactly the same”
Well they are sisters so they are going to look alike but theyre not identical, well that’s what they’ve told me in ultrasounds so ill believe that until a DNA test tells me otherwise 🙂

“Rather you than me”
Well yes really, Im glad Ive been blessed with twins and not you with that attitude of yours!

“You need a license to drive that pram”
No, i really don’t, its a double buggy, its not much bigger than a single buggy. Instead of passing sarcastic comments , just help me through doors etc

So yeah, unless you see me on a good day, these questions and sayings will frustrate me. instead just smile and say hello when i pass:) Please believe me when i say that I’m not an angry or horrible person, I’m really not. Its just frustrating hearing it every single day!

Whenever you pass just give me a smile and a polite hello then ill know you thought of me in some way as i passed 😊


6 thoughts on “Things not to say to parents of Twins

  1. You should definitely say what your thoughts are thinking the next time you get these questions. Nobody should make you feel this way, you should have your head held high and proud of the two little humans you’ve created. I’m guilty of some of these questions, it fascinates me. I really don’t think I could cope with two at a time doing the same milestones at once.


    1. Im not bitter honest lol. Its just everywhere we go we get stopped by people with questions! Haha! It wold probably fascinate me too probably. But since day one its been manic lol! Thanks for stoppi g by 😊 xxx


  2. It amazes me when they ask if mine are identical, apart from not looking alike they are a boy and girl for goodness sake! Xxx


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