Please, I beg of you!!

The last couple of nights have been an absolute torture for Me & Jamie. Since the girls have chicken pox, theyve been waking up every hour in the night. They woke up a few times anyway prior to the chicken pox for milk but this, this is something else. Bring my daughters back!! I dont think ive even had 2 hours sleep last night. Im really struggling to keep my eyes open this morning seeing as we’ve all been up since 4.15am! The girls dont seem to be itching or scratching in the night, they dont want milk or their noonoo (dummy) so i have no idea whats got into them! Its going to be a long day, if its anything like the day i had with them yesterday i may have a teenie tiny breakdown. It involved a lot of winging and crying fits, slapping& pushing, terrible tantums and they decided they didnt want to nap the same time so i didnt get a minute to myself. And to add to the wonderful day i had yesterday with the girls, which resulted in me bawling my flippin eyes out, they wanted to make sure that mammy didnt sleep last night either. Theyre just too kind to me arent they? I know its hard for them because theyve never had their own room away from Me & Jamie, i know its hard for us two anyway.i wonder if theyll sleep all night for me once theyre in their own room? I can hope & dream cant i? Lol

So Emilia & Gracie, please behave for mammy today, otherwise mam will be pulling her hair out and possibly lock herself in the bathroom for 10 minutes for a bit of peace n quiet. Mam loves you very very much but this is killing me.. please give me a break, just for today!!

From your very tired, stressed, exhausted mammy  x


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