Today’s Hairstyle


So today’s hairstyle is pretty simple to be honest. It was so effortless. And i achieved it pretty much by being too lazy to blow dry it!

All i did was:

1. Wash it:)
2.Towel dry my hair so it was still wet but not soaking! (Im so lazy when it comes to blow drying my hair!)
3.I parted my hair into two
4.Did Twisted Buns on each side and put a bobble to hold the buns together.

And that is all. You could put mousse in it before putting buns in too but i decided i wanted a more natural/flowy look.

Then this morning while my hair was stillΒ  in buns i dried my ‘buns’ because i could feel my hair being a bit damp.
I took the bobble out that held my buns together and brushed my fingers through my hair. And lastly i hairsprayed my hair. Simples. I love simple hair styles, especially since becoming a mum of twins. I really dont have the time to to sit there for an hour to do my hair so this hairstyle worked a treat. Hope you like 😊


17 thoughts on “Today’s Hairstyle

  1. Ooh I love this hair style, it really suits you! I never really do anything with my hair these days. I’ve not straightened it in well over a year lol! Quick hairstyles are great for mums! xx


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