Bought our first home!!


So last night we got the keys!!! We are officially HOMEOWNERS! We actually OWN a house, scary but so sooo exciting!
I honestly dont know where to start with the unpacking & building! We have so much to do.The carpets are going in tomorrow then all week from tomorrow it will be building, unpacking & sorting every day! So excited!! Me and Jamie just cannot wait to settle in our new home! Its the first ‘home’ the girls will have had really because we moved out of our rented house when the girls were only 4 months old and since then we have been living with relatives!
Im just so excited to do the girls room because ive never done a room for them before. Its going to be so girly!

The house is a 3 bedroom terraced house situated in a little village in North wales. The views are just amazing. The only issue we would have is when its snowing in our area, we would get it bad because were high up! But cant complain! So yeah, just a little update with the house situation! The whole process of buying a house is finally over and we got there in the end. Its been a very stressful few months with the process but we can finally say we own our home now!!


19 thoughts on “Bought our first home!!

  1. aww congratulations on becoming homeowners for the first time. Its such a lovely feeling putting the keys in the door and knowing that its yours


  2. Congratulations on your new home! This is so exciting. It sounds like a fabulous location – we can all hope it doesn’t snow this winter 🙂 x


  3. How exciting. Congratulations. The best advice is to live in your house as is (as much as you can) without diving into the decorating, that way you’ll know where the sun lays (hopefully), the warm spots and the colds spots and can decorate accordingly to make the most of your new place. Enjoy


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