Halloween 2015

So after all the build up for Halloween 2015, it has been and gone, done & dusted and we can start to look forward to Christmas-Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year!!

halloween 2015This Halloween was so much different to last years and more fun. The girls were only 6 months old last year so we didn’t really do much only dress them up in pumpkin babygrows. They didn’t understand what was going on so i didn’t really bother to doΒ  much really and we were living with relatives last Halloween so i couldn’t really do much. But this year, This year was different. I carved my first EVER pumpkin!! and i think i did a pretty good job if i do say so myself! I also made some biscuits decorated with Halloween theme and cupcakes too. and of course we dressed the girls up as Skeletons. i absolutely loved their outfits, they were so girly and wore them all day. we went to relatives houses trick or treating and the girls had so much fun! but at the end of the day we were all knackered and ready for bedΒ  by 7pm!!


Emilia Kate
Gracie Mae


I’m not really one for Halloween but this year Ive tried to be more involved in it for the girl’s sake and I’ve had so much fun, well we all have as a family. Next Halloween will be better again!!


20 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

  1. Oh they look so cool, how much fun is it when they really get into the spirit of it. My five year old went as Frankenstein to a friends party and had a blast. x


  2. I am much the same, even though my Mom is American Halloween has never been that important to me, but the kids did love it this year.
    The Twinkles look very cute indeed xxx


  3. I was never that much into Halloween either until my little one came along and now I seem to get more involved with it each year. I love the girls’ costumes – super sweet little skeletons. xx


  4. How sweet! Abbie doesn’t know about Halloween yet, she’s 3 and we’ve managed to save ourselves money these past 3 years haha. Next year though I am going all out πŸ™‚ x


  5. Oh my word! How adorable are your girls?! I must admit I was a bit useless with Halloween this year. The past 3 years I’ve gone all out on a costume for Ava but as we were out on Halloween I didn’t bother and jus got her a few bits. I’m so excited for Christmas though! x


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