My 24th Birthday

Yep thats right, 24 whole years on this planet.. wow! And in that 24 years a lot has happened for the worst and for the better!
Ive lost special people that meant everything to me, ive battled with mental health, been a victim of bullying, lost friends & gained new ones, gained qualifications & my driving license, Been at rock bottom, Gained a FiancΓ© & two gorgeous girls & Bought our home. It just shows that if you want the rainbow  you must put up with the rain, and oh wow have i had to put up with an awful lot of rain, but look where i am today! I remember when i had my sixteenth birthday i felt so lucky and blessed to still be here to celebrate, because that year had been the toughest year of my life battling with my mental health issues. I had been self harming a lot that year and also i also overdosed. So being here on my 24th Birthday, celebrating with my family – I really am the luckiest girl in the world, i really am! I have everything i have ever wanted in life, my own family. So qould i go through all of that sh*t again to have what i have today? Definitely, 100%


So now the depressive bit has been said, my 24th Birthday wasnt anything special really. Jamie was in work all day from 6.30am until 5pm and the girls weren’t  well all day and slept for 2 and a half hours in the day. But do you know what made my Birthday so special to me? I had my family around me. After jamie came home from work thats when i really started to celebrate and thats when it actually felt like my Birthday. We had chinese food which was lovely and sat in front of the tv watching ‘orange is the new black’ which ive started to get in to, i cant get enough of it (currently on season 2 so dont spoil it for me ha). Jamie even got me a cake. Anyone who knows me knows that i hate fuss and i hate the ‘Happy Birthday’ song being sung to me. But yesterday it was so special to me when Jamie came out with a cake full of candles singing to me. It was just the four of us. Jamie, Me, Emilia & Gracie. And the girls helped me to blow the candles. All day i thought, what a boring day, but it wasnt. I had a lovely day. Even if my birthday only started when Jamie came home from work. I had such a special day/night and i cant thank Jamie enough for going into so much trouble for me.


From my little monkeys i had a set of Pyjamas, pair of slippers, box of black magic chocolates, pair of lounge socks, Zoella’s first book, and also a disney anti stress colouring book which i LOVE and from my Jamie i had a lovely bunch of flowers! Ive been spoilt this year and a lot of thought went in to it by Jamie.

So, if you’re reading this Jamie, Thank you so so much for a lovely Birthday. You have spoilt me rotten and i feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you! I would be lost without you. You came at that point in my life when i needed you the most and i cant thank you enough. Thank you for just being you and thank you for treating me like a princess everytime. I Love You So Much xxx

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