About your first born TAG

All about your first born!


1. Was your first pregnancy planned?  Yes, even though we said we wouldn’t actually ‘try for a baby’ just so we wouldn’t be disappointed if we weren’t pregnant. But yes, it was planned :)But having twins was not planned!! That was the biggest shock of our lives!

2. Were you married? Nope, got engaged 5 months after the monkeys were born.

3. What was your reaction to finding out? i was ecstatic!! It was what we both wanted! 🙂 finding out it was twins however, i don’t think ill ever get over the shock of having twins!

4. Were you induced? Yup, and in my case it wasn’t a very good experience.

5. How old were you? i was 22 years old,

6. Who did you first tell? Jamie, i text him when he was in work. Yes, TEXT him! Even though we were trying i was still nervous to tell him that we were in fact pregnant!

7. How did you find out? As we were trying i was very aware of my cycle. So when i was late i asked my sister for a spare pregnancy test she had in her wardrobe.

8. Did you want to find out the sex? Yes, we found out at our 20 weeks ultrasound. even though i knew what we were having because a psychic had told me a few years back 🙂

9. Due Date?  April 26th 2014

10. Did you deliver early or later than due date? I got induced at 37+6 weeks due to the struggles of a twin pregnancy, damn you sciatica and back pain. Had an emergency c section in the end.

11. Did you have morning sickness? Yep! I didn’t really puke just felt sick and heaving!

12. What did you crave? Slush puppy, Twiglets, tropical juice.

13. How many pounds did you gain from your pregnancy? i have no idea to be honest. I didn’t weigh myself! I hate weighing myself!

14. What was the sex of the baby? 2 healthy baby girls

15. Did you have any complications during labor? yes, pessary made me have hyper contractions, so they had to remove it, failed first epidural so ended up having it twice. And then had to have an emergency c section due to the fact that emilia was lacking oxygen and cause her heart rate to shoot up.

16. Where did you give birth? At my local hospital.

17. How many hours were you in labour? Erm, 14 hours i think? Not sure. I was high as a kite.

18. How much did your baby weigh ? 5lb 11.5oz & 6lb 9oz

19. What did you name him/her? Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae.

20. How old is your first born today? they are exactly nineteen months old today!

Aww I loved doing that! I absolutely loved being pregnant, even though it was a struggle towards the end! I would do it all over again!

Thanks for the tag The Speed Bump! I tag everyone who wants to do it 😊


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