9f54ce25-a98b-44fc-b323-76b55919c97d_zpsldhldxalHello. I’m Melanie, I’m a stay at home mum in my twenties and live in a little village in North Wales (UK) with my Fiancé – Jamie & 1 year old fraternal twin girls – Emilia & Gracie 🙂

I’m a depression & anxiety sufferer. I have been a sufferer since i was a teen. I’ve got it self controlled for the last 2 years or so by knowing the symptoms when they arise and overcoming them. Everyday is new day as they say, and it is a struggle i must admit but you get on with life for your family.

I started to blog when the girls were a couple of weeks old but basically stopped after posting a few posts as it has been a very tough year for us as a family. Having twins is very expensive, so it was a struggle paying £500+ a month in rent every month since there’s only one wage coming in as I’m no longer working due to childcare costs . As a result we had to move in with relatives until we could afford to get a place of our own. After just over a year of living with relatives things are finally looking up and we have finally bought our first home!! We cant wait to move in and make our house a home and finally- Be a proper family!!

I love Baking, Disney things, Christmas and most of all spending precious time with my little family 🙂

Ive started this blog to document our journey as a family of 4. Not just for Emilia & Gracie to look at when they’re older, but also for me, so i remember the best days of my life:)

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