Operation Unpacking, Sorting & Make it look pretty

Yaaay, we finally have internet! its been a long 10 days!! So as you know, we have just bought our first home. It really is the best feeling in the world knowing that our home is actually ours!

We are still on operation unpacking, Which is frustrating because our spare room is full on boxes that need to be unpacked, its just finding the time to do it while juggling the twin life! The girls haven’t been the best behaved this last week but i think its all down to new surroundings. All week whenever we brought them downstairs in the morning they would scream the house down just because we brought them down. I think it was because they were expecting to be in my parents’ living room but have a tantrum as soon as they realise where they are. The last 3 mornings though have been a lot better though, No screams or tantrums so it looks like were heading the right way!

The past year has been super hard for us as the girls have been sharing our room with us since they were born and the girls would wake up several times in the night but since being in their own bedroom they’ve become a lot better at night, Gracie now sleeps all night whilst Emilia wakes up once or twice at night. I feel like a new woman, i really do, a good night sleep really does make a difference!

Emilia & Gracie’s room is pretty much finished really, we just need to add a few finishing touches like altering the curtains as they are mahoosive ( no idea why IKEA make curtains so long!!!) Put a blackout blind up (not that there’s a rush as its dark very early now) and put a book shelf up! We’ve gone for the ‘girly’ theme for the girls bedroom, which i’m really glad we did. I love it! And I’m glad they love it too, their first reaction when walking in to their room for the first time was “WOOOOW” so that has to be a good sign! Our bedroom just needs curtains and a mirror put up on the wall. I love our bedroom- its so cosy, Ive bought cushions to put on the bed just to make it look pretty and added a throw at the bottom of the bed. I cant wait to jump into bed every night which i haven’t felt like that in months! We’ve had most of our furniture from IKEA as we love IKEA, but end up spending way more that we should!Our bathroom has a Duck theme. i decided to do this as the girls are loving ducks so i found a duck shower curtain from MATALAN and I’ve just matched the colours of that with towels and accessories.Our Living Area is done really, were just waiting for our new DFS corner sofa which I’m very excited about. we currently have a 2 seater sofa in there which isn’t big enough but has done its job while were waiting for our new one. And kitchen, we have gone for a green and black theme as everything we had was black and the walls were already a light green colour. The house was ready to move straight in to really but we decided to put new carpets throughout it as it had wooden flooring and in my opinion wooden flooring isn’t very warm, well it doesn’t give me the cosyness that i want in a house so we went with carpet and I’m so glad we did.

As soon as we sort the house out i will post some photos but for now i have a lot of unpacking and tidying to do!!! 🙂

Bought our first home!!


So last night we got the keys!!! We are officially HOMEOWNERS! We actually OWN a house, scary but so sooo exciting!
I honestly dont know where to start with the unpacking & building! We have so much to do.The carpets are going in tomorrow then all week from tomorrow it will be building, unpacking & sorting every day! So excited!! Me and Jamie just cannot wait to settle in our new home! Its the first ‘home’ the girls will have had really because we moved out of our rented house when the girls were only 4 months old and since then we have been living with relatives!
Im just so excited to do the girls room because ive never done a room for them before. Its going to be so girly!

The house is a 3 bedroom terraced house situated in a little village in North wales. The views are just amazing. The only issue we would have is when its snowing in our area, we would get it bad because were high up! But cant complain! So yeah, just a little update with the house situation! The whole process of buying a house is finally over and we got there in the end. Its been a very stressful few months with the process but we can finally say we own our home now!!