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All about your first born!


1. Was your first pregnancy planned?  Yes, even though we said we wouldn’t actually ‘try for a baby’ just so we wouldn’t be disappointed if we weren’t pregnant. But yes, it was planned :)But having twins was not planned!! That was the biggest shock of our lives!

2. Were you married? Nope, got engaged 5 months after the monkeys were born.

3. What was your reaction to finding out? i was ecstatic!! It was what we both wanted! 🙂 finding out it was twins however, i don’t think ill ever get over the shock of having twins!

4. Were you induced? Yup, and in my case it wasn’t a very good experience.

5. How old were you? i was 22 years old,

6. Who did you first tell? Jamie, i text him when he was in work. Yes, TEXT him! Even though we were trying i was still nervous to tell him that we were in fact pregnant!

7. How did you find out? As we were trying i was very aware of my cycle. So when i was late i asked my sister for a spare pregnancy test she had in her wardrobe.

8. Did you want to find out the sex? Yes, we found out at our 20 weeks ultrasound. even though i knew what we were having because a psychic had told me a few years back 🙂

9. Due Date?  April 26th 2014

10. Did you deliver early or later than due date? I got induced at 37+6 weeks due to the struggles of a twin pregnancy, damn you sciatica and back pain. Had an emergency c section in the end.

11. Did you have morning sickness? Yep! I didn’t really puke just felt sick and heaving!

12. What did you crave? Slush puppy, Twiglets, tropical juice.

13. How many pounds did you gain from your pregnancy? i have no idea to be honest. I didn’t weigh myself! I hate weighing myself!

14. What was the sex of the baby? 2 healthy baby girls

15. Did you have any complications during labor? yes, pessary made me have hyper contractions, so they had to remove it, failed first epidural so ended up having it twice. And then had to have an emergency c section due to the fact that emilia was lacking oxygen and cause her heart rate to shoot up.

16. Where did you give birth? At my local hospital.

17. How many hours were you in labour? Erm, 14 hours i think? Not sure. I was high as a kite.

18. How much did your baby weigh ? 5lb 11.5oz & 6lb 9oz

19. What did you name him/her? Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae.

20. How old is your first born today? they are exactly nineteen months old today!

Aww I loved doing that! I absolutely loved being pregnant, even though it was a struggle towards the end! I would do it all over again!

Thanks for the tag The Speed Bump! I tag everyone who wants to do it 😊


Emilia & Gracie – A Multiple Birth Story

image-2e5086d2e731fc40b12e5237022c9aaf95a08a3111a41b418ea3aace1ac34770-VOn the 9th of April 2014 at 10am i was booked in for an induction as the girls hadn’t made an appearance and i was 37+4 weeks pregnant. We were showed to my bed at the maternity ward and were explained the induction process. I was then put on a monitor so they could keep a close eye on me and the twinkles. The midwife then went on to explain all the people that would be present at the birth which would be : 2 midwives, a doctor and an anaesthetist. Wasn’t i lucky to have an audience? lol!

At around 12pm the midwife inserted a propess (induction) and from image-acea4b5dcd248e8aa832d5ab3fbeb83be88ca725f6753652f1427da89ba18d09-Vthen on it was a waiting game for something to happen. at approx 1pm i was having contraction after contraction. I was in complete agony!!! It was visiting hours at the ward and my mum & dad came to see me.. they couldn’t understand why I was in so much pain at such an early stage of labour. I had to let the midwife know!! she had a look at the monitor and noticed that i was hyperstimulating meaning that i was having contraction after contraction without any breaks in-between. They made a decision to take the propess out as it wasn’t agreeing with my body and the hyperstimulating could make the twins distressed. It was a huge relief to get it out. It felt like my whole underneath was on fire!! After taking the propess out it was a huge relief!! They agreed to let me be until the next morning to take me over to the labour ward.

The next morning came and i was transferred onto the labour ward to break my waters as they didn’t go by themselves during the night. The doctor/consultant then put me on a drip to image-5f8ffbb50ab9ced39a209e48bff612a1b312377a0d8ab47933a02410a0246454-Vencourage labour. The contractions soon came and gas and air was needed..Oh how i loved the gas and air!! As the contractions got stronger I needed stronger pain relief. The midwife advised me to have an epidural which is strongly advised with multiple births in case they need to rush you into theatre in an emergency.

The anaesthetist was called to my room and inserted the epidural into my spine which was very unpleasant- I needed the gas and air for that bit!! Im such a wuss!!
An hour or so after i could feel pain on one side of my body but not tWP_20140411_001he other half which meant the epidural failed!! They had to recall the anaesthetist to my room to relocate the epidural into my spine which worked wonders! The contractions were coming strong but of course between the gas and air and the epidural i was high as a kite and felt no pain. I even slept for 2 hours straight after my epidural and had to be woken up to be examined by the consultant. I had reached 7cm (Woohoo!!) and was told to push to try and encourage Twin 1 (Emilia) to move down, i managed to push to 9cm with one push then Emilia started to get distressed, her oxygen levels were low and her heart rate was sky high.They couldn’t take any risks so the doctor and midwives made a decision to take me into theatre for an assisted delivery. I was completely unaware of what was going on as i was so drowsy and high from all the drugs they had given me. They placed me on the operating table and got their tools ready. My partner then told me they were no longer going to give me an assisted delivery and that they needed to do an emergency C-section without trying the assisted delivery as Emilia was so distressed they didn’t want to risk anything!
Jamie sat with me the whole time in theatre and was brilliant with me! He kept IMG_20140430_215935talking to me and assuring me that everything was going to be okay. The next thing i know My beautiful twin girls had entered the world:) tears were shed and I got to see one of the girls quickly until I threw up!! They took me to recovery where I got to hold my girls for the first time. It was the most magical thing in the world.. those 2 beautiful babies were mine. I couldn’t believe it.

Emilia Kate Hughes was born at 03.39am weighing 5limage-8ec9b00d5fd74106c10e4365f903dca0950c6f319f8a818b2c58f291a8232fb3-Vb 11.5oz measuring 46cms and Gracie Mae Hughes was born a minute later at 03.40am weighed 6lb 9oz measuring 52cms on the 11th of April 2014. I’m pretty gutted that it ended in an emergency c-section as i went through all the labour which lasted 15hours+ but I’m so glad that they arrived safely , I am well and truly blessed.

After the delivery I had to stay in hospital for 3 days then was allowed home to continue my recovery at home and to start our new family life. 🙂


Finding out we were pregnant… with Twins!!!

PicMonkey PhotoIt was the morning on 26th august 2013 that i had realized that i was a few days late. At that point i didn’t want to get my hopes up that i was pregnant as me & Jamie had been trying for 3 months(which isn’t long really but it felt like a lifetime!). Even though Jamie & I had agreed that we wouldn’t actually ‘try’, We had agreed on not using any contraceptive and if it happened it happened. We agreed on this so that we wouldn’t be disappointed each month my monthlies made an appearance.

Jamie was in work that day and i was in my mothers on my day off. I gave my sister a text message explaining that i could be pregnant and that i was late. she told me she had an unopened pregnancy test in her wardrobe since she had my nephew a few months back. So i went and got that from her wardrobe and did the pregnancy test , They were the longest minutes of my life!!Waiting and waiting .. my nerves were through the roof, the time was up.. and the big fat positive came up with a ‘3+ weeks’. I couldn’t believe it!! i was over the moon! i quickly messaged Jamie with a photo of the pregnancy test result (i know i know, coward lol!!) He was ecstatic!! It was really happening, we were going to be a proper family!!

That evening Jamie took me to our local ‘Asda’ to get another pregnancy test just to Confirm that i was in fact pregnant, and of course another big fat positive!! That night i told my mum and dad and they were over the moon for the both of us and excited to be  grandparents! For some reason i was so scared to tell my parents as i was 21 and because I’m the youngest i thought they would be disappointed, but how wrong was i. Now the waiting game began for the ultrasound which dragged.  20130828_201245

Well the day had finally arrived for our first ultrasound – October 21st 2013. That morning i was so ill it was unreal. My nerves were through the roof and the journey to the hospital felt like forever.
We arrived at the ultrasound department at our local hospital,Sat down and waited for my name to be called out. i couldn’t help but worry, i wanted this so much!  Jamie assured me that everything would be okay and joked “i bet you its Twins”. .. “Don’t be silly” i replied.The Sonographer called out my name, it was my turn! i entered the room and was asked to lie on the bed and she smothered my belly with freezing cold gel. The sonographer started the ultrasound, I was so worried in case it would be bad news as i’m sure it goes through everyone’s minds at some point in early pregnancy. She studied the screen and said “Ooh Congratulations, its twins!!”. My heart was pounding and i couldn’t believe it . “you’re joking!!” i replied as i looked up at the screen. I was so gobsmacked. There they were, my two babies!! I went into the ultrasound thinking the worst but not only our baby was healthy but there were two!! two healthy babies!!!! We were over the moon!! parents to two at twenty two and twenty four? Our hands were going to be full, but so was our hearts!!
My mum dropped to the floor when i told her, she was ecstatic. Okay yes i did have twins in my family but they go far back and we didn’t know we had twins in my family until my mum had asked family members so it was a massive shock!! a good shock of course. It was amazing watching our two little beans on the screen, best feeling in the world knowing that me & Jamie had created them! It was magical, It really was. The sonographer told us our due date was 26th Of April 2014. She explained that our twins had a placenta each and they had their own sac so our twins were classed as DCDA/Fraternal which means non-identical. She explained that there’s a 1 in 3 chance they still could be identical. but to be honest, everything she said is a complete blur to me, i just couldn’t stop looking at my two little beans on the screen. i Went to work that day and spewed all over my car in shock, I was over the moon, but no one is ready to be told there’s two babies growing inside of you.
I couldnt help but wonder if we Would be able to cope with two babies? Would we be able to cope financially? Time would tell !TWINS 21.10.2013