Please, I beg of you!!

The last couple of nights have been an absolute torture for Me & Jamie. Since the girls have chicken pox, theyve been waking up every hour in the night. They woke up a few times anyway prior to the chicken pox for milk but this, this is something else. Bring my daughters back!! I dont think ive even had 2 hours sleep last night. Im really struggling to keep my eyes open this morning seeing as we’ve all been up since 4.15am! The girls dont seem to be itching or scratching in the night, they dont want milk or their noonoo (dummy) so i have no idea whats got into them! Its going to be a long day, if its anything like the day i had with them yesterday i may have a teenie tiny breakdown. It involved a lot of winging and crying fits, slapping& pushing, terrible tantums and they decided they didnt want to nap the same time so i didnt get a minute to myself. And to add to the wonderful day i had yesterday with the girls, which resulted in me bawling my flippin eyes out, they wanted to make sure that mammy didnt sleep last night either. Theyre just too kind to me arent they? I know its hard for them because theyve never had their own room away from Me & Jamie, i know its hard for us two anyway.i wonder if theyll sleep all night for me once theyre in their own room? I can hope & dream cant i? Lol

So Emilia & Gracie, please behave for mammy today, otherwise mam will be pulling her hair out and possibly lock herself in the bathroom for 10 minutes for a bit of peace n quiet. Mam loves you very very much but this is killing me.. please give me a break, just for today!!

From your very tired, stressed, exhausted mammy  x


Finding out we were pregnant… with Twins!!!

PicMonkey PhotoIt was the morning on 26th august 2013 that i had realized that i was a few days late. At that point i didn’t want to get my hopes up that i was pregnant as me & Jamie had been trying for 3 months(which isn’t long really but it felt like a lifetime!). Even though Jamie & I had agreed that we wouldn’t actually ‘try’, We had agreed on not using any contraceptive and if it happened it happened. We agreed on this so that we wouldn’t be disappointed each month my monthlies made an appearance.

Jamie was in work that day and i was in my mothers on my day off. I gave my sister a text message explaining that i could be pregnant and that i was late. she told me she had an unopened pregnancy test in her wardrobe since she had my nephew a few months back. So i went and got that from her wardrobe and did the pregnancy test , They were the longest minutes of my life!!Waiting and waiting .. my nerves were through the roof, the time was up.. and the big fat positive came up with a ‘3+ weeks’. I couldn’t believe it!! i was over the moon! i quickly messaged Jamie with a photo of the pregnancy test result (i know i know, coward lol!!) He was ecstatic!! It was really happening, we were going to be a proper family!!

That evening Jamie took me to our local ‘Asda’ to get another pregnancy test just to Confirm that i was in fact pregnant, and of course another big fat positive!! That night i told my mum and dad and they were over the moon for the both of us and excited to be  grandparents! For some reason i was so scared to tell my parents as i was 21 and because I’m the youngest i thought they would be disappointed, but how wrong was i. Now the waiting game began for the ultrasound which dragged.  20130828_201245

Well the day had finally arrived for our first ultrasound – October 21st 2013. That morning i was so ill it was unreal. My nerves were through the roof and the journey to the hospital felt like forever.
We arrived at the ultrasound department at our local hospital,Sat down and waited for my name to be called out. i couldn’t help but worry, i wanted this so much!  Jamie assured me that everything would be okay and joked “i bet you its Twins”. .. “Don’t be silly” i replied.The Sonographer called out my name, it was my turn! i entered the room and was asked to lie on the bed and she smothered my belly with freezing cold gel. The sonographer started the ultrasound, I was so worried in case it would be bad news as i’m sure it goes through everyone’s minds at some point in early pregnancy. She studied the screen and said “Ooh Congratulations, its twins!!”. My heart was pounding and i couldn’t believe it . “you’re joking!!” i replied as i looked up at the screen. I was so gobsmacked. There they were, my two babies!! I went into the ultrasound thinking the worst but not only our baby was healthy but there were two!! two healthy babies!!!! We were over the moon!! parents to two at twenty two and twenty four? Our hands were going to be full, but so was our hearts!!
My mum dropped to the floor when i told her, she was ecstatic. Okay yes i did have twins in my family but they go far back and we didn’t know we had twins in my family until my mum had asked family members so it was a massive shock!! a good shock of course. It was amazing watching our two little beans on the screen, best feeling in the world knowing that me & Jamie had created them! It was magical, It really was. The sonographer told us our due date was 26th Of April 2014. She explained that our twins had a placenta each and they had their own sac so our twins were classed as DCDA/Fraternal which means non-identical. She explained that there’s a 1 in 3 chance they still could be identical. but to be honest, everything she said is a complete blur to me, i just couldn’t stop looking at my two little beans on the screen. i Went to work that day and spewed all over my car in shock, I was over the moon, but no one is ready to be told there’s two babies growing inside of you.
I couldnt help but wonder if we Would be able to cope with two babies? Would we be able to cope financially? Time would tell !TWINS 21.10.2013

Things not to say to parents of Twins

18713_719169554854091_6224689640536697941_nSo many people have stopped us in the past year when the girls are with us. when they were a few weeks old i didn’t mind the attention because it was all new to me, but now, it’s got a bit annoying. Me & Jamie even avoid eye contact with people at supermarkets now because we never get our shopping done or we come from the supermarket without some stuff we needed.
People keep asking questions like “are they twins? are they identical?” i should really put a notice on the pram saying “yes, they are twins, no they are not identical, they are girls and no i haven’t got a favourite”

These are the questions & sayings that really frustrates me:

” Are they twins?”
No madam, they are triplets, i just left the ugly one at home!!

“Are they boys”
yep, they are boys, that’s why I’ve dressed them in pink, flowery dresses!!

“Double Trouble”
No, they are not double trouble, twins only mean i get double the cuddles, double the kisses, double the fun & double the love 🙂

“So i guess you have had all your babies in one?”
erm.. no i haven’t, i would LOVE another child, not now but sometime in the future so please stop assuming that Ive finished having children already because i haven’t, even though its no business of yours:)!!

“Wooaah, you’ve got your hands full!”
Okay, the girls can be a handful at times, the tantrums, the stealing of toys, the slapping & pushing but one baby can also be a handful. Having twins just means i have to do everything twice. i might have my hands full but my heart is even fuller!!

“Look, Twins!” –  Yes look, 2 babies… in a pram….you’re eyesight is fabulous madam!

“Ooh can i just take a look at them” – Erm, no id rather if you didn’t madam, Im in the middle of doing my weekly food shop… Ooh OK then since you’re still going to have a look anyway!

“Oh i had twins that were a year or so apart, it’s just like having twins!” – No! it is not like bringing up twins!!! nothing like it!

“Are you sure they aren’t identical? They look exactly the same”
Well they are sisters so they are going to look alike but theyre not identical, well that’s what they’ve told me in ultrasounds so ill believe that until a DNA test tells me otherwise 🙂

“Rather you than me”
Well yes really, Im glad Ive been blessed with twins and not you with that attitude of yours!

“You need a license to drive that pram”
No, i really don’t, its a double buggy, its not much bigger than a single buggy. Instead of passing sarcastic comments , just help me through doors etc

So yeah, unless you see me on a good day, these questions and sayings will frustrate me. instead just smile and say hello when i pass:) Please believe me when i say that I’m not an angry or horrible person, I’m really not. Its just frustrating hearing it every single day!

Whenever you pass just give me a smile and a polite hello then ill know you thought of me in some way as i passed 😊

Emilia & Gracie’s first year

Emilia & GracieSo, the first year has been so hard looking after my little twinkles. Its been hard because we haven’t really had anywhere this year that we could call home. So routines went through the window. The thing we did manage though, was to bathe the twinkles at 6pm every night and bed for 6.30pm and still do it now.

The first year was a bit surreal and crazy. I went from being a make up loving, music loving twenty one year old to a twenty two year old mum of two.. two??? How did that happen?! Well we all know how that happened but how amazing is that? Making one baby is amazing but 2? How was i capable of that? anyway enough of me rambling on..back to the subject.. so yeah it was a tough year. The girls really tested me! Gracie said her first word ‘dad’ and Emilia said her first word ‘mam’ so happy parents LOL!  And both crawled around the same time- 2 months before their birthday then walked a month or so after their birthday. They are literally everywhere at the moment, TV stand, open the sideboard drawers, playing with the fireguard, Some days i wonder how the hell do i cope lol!

Oh and the sleeping, don’t get me started on the sleeping. Because they’ve never had their own room (YET) because we have been living with relatives for the past year, whenever me and Jamie go to bed about 15 minutes after or so they want milk.. they are milk monsters!! And then the literally wake up every hour throughout the night for more milk. We cant say no because we don’t want them to wake up our relatives. So when we move out the girls are going to have some serious training!! Lol.

I really cant imagine life without my little monkeys now, they have completed me. They are my whole world!! They bring me so much joy and happiness. yes it is exhausting and hard, i sometimes cry for a whole day because I’m so stressed and sleep deprived, but do you know what? i wouldn’t change it for the world.
Being a twin mum is what i was meant to do and I’m pretty damn good at it if i do say so myself!! sometimes i wish i had more energy and money but we cant have everything can we?

It is very challenging bringing up twins, every morning when i wake up i wonder what the day is going to be like, are they going to be monkeys all day & demanding.. its very unpredictable. i sometimes stress when both girls scream at the same time, who do i attend to first!? Who do i comfort? it is very hard, and the first weeks or so i was so down in the dumps as i felt i could only comfort one at a time and i felt awful leaving the other twin in her chair.
Sometimes i do wonder if things would be different if i only had the one baby- i don’t regret having my monkeys whatsoever, its a blessing, I truly believe that I’m the luckiest woman on this planet, If only i could give them as much attention as they should have as a singleton. i give them all of my love.. my heart is absolutely full of love for them, and i really do try my best to be the best mother i could possibly be. Like i said it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but do you know what? i like challenges:)

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Chicken Pox X2


So as the title says.. chicken pox has well and truly landed in our house, and both girls have it. We kind of expected it really because my niece & nephew have been with it the past 2 weeks so it was only a matter of time.

i was honestly thinking the girls were just having their terrible two’s early, because they have been nightmares for the past 2 weeks. They have been so hard to please, woke up various times in the night and was clinging on to me all day long. They’ve even been off food and they love food.. but now we have the answer… CHICKEN POX!

They are both absolutely covered in spots bless them, i feel so sorry for them, they are literally everywhere!! Theyre both feeling sorry fo themselves. Plenty of snuggles on the sofa this week i think, any excuse for a Pyjama day.. not that i need one 🙂 HA!!

Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae

11216515_719170244854022_2078684411824123537_o I would like to introduce you to my little twinkles-

Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae.

They are my absolute world. I really cannot imagine my life without them now. its amazing how much your life changes once you have created mini humans!

Here are some facts about my little twinkles 🙂

Emilia was Twin 1/A & Gracie was Twin 2/B in ultrasounds.

They were due on 26.04.2014

They are 1 Years old (11-04-2014)

They were born a minute apart via emergency c-section (03.39am & 03.40am)

Emilia weighed 5lbs 11.5oz & Gracie 6lb 9oz

Emilia was 46cm & Gracie was 52cm

They are fraternal/non identical twins (they had a sac of their own & a placenta each so yeah they didn’t even share then. lol!)

They’re the same blood group, Have the same hair colour & the same eye colour and their teeth cut through the same time.

People are adamant that they are identical. Sometimes i do wonder myself if they are. its so obvious to me that they aren’t identical but it would be since I’m their mum. very tempted to get a DNA test done just to determine whether they are or not.

They’re always the same shoe size. Currently 5F (Clarks Shoes)

Their personalities are completely different. Emilia is mischievous and is such a monkey while Gracie is quieter. But Gracie does tend to copy Emilia when she climbs onto the TV stand and opening the sideboard drawers and the other monkeyness she gets up to!

They don’t like sleeping . They still don’t sleep through. I get up various times a night. Arghhh! *pulling hair out*… BUT.. that might be down to the fact that they don’t have their own room yet.. i can live in hope cant i!?

They love books and could sit for ages listening to stories.

I always dress them the same… Yes i am that twin mum. Lol!

They love singing & dancing. Mainly to Cbeebies theme songs!

They are the best of friends. I honestly think they would be completely lost without each other. Even though they fight..ALOT!

Gracie lets me know now when she does a fart by saying “papoo” so.. unfortunately i can no longer blame my bum wind on her LOL!


11745749_725970344174012_8392287414253918200_nHello:) I am Melanie, I’m a stay at home twin mum to my little 1 year old twinkles – Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae. I am also a Fiancee to my wonderful Other half- Jamie who i have been with for 3 years – coming to 4.

Jamie & I met on Facebook, Not very romantic i must say but it worked. he asked me on a date and since then we are literally inseparable. we are literally joint to the hip. i love him with all my heart, he has helped me overcome a lot of things and i truly cannot thank him enough for that – anyway ill stop being soppy now.. I’m not always this soppy, I promise LOL! We moved in together after a year, just a rented house, then found found out 4 months later than we were pregnant! little did we know there were 2 little people in there!! we decided to move closer to my family as they could help with the girls once they were here.

Two years after being together, Emilia & Gracie entered the world. It was the most magical moment of our lives. They have completed us. we went from a family of 2 to 4 and i couldn’t be happier, yes they have tested me.. oh yes, but they are amazing little people. they are such characters and i would be absolutely lost without them. its been a crazy year, emotionally and physically. i never knew i could go on with the day after just 3 hours sleep! but once you have children you can do things you never imagined you could. i have achieved so much in a year, having one baby scared me but 2? that was a whole new level, but I’m so proud how i have handled motherhood :)*Pats herself on the back*

Five months after the girls were born, Jamie went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. i hate fuss so the way he did it was just lovely and our little way, i It wasn’t anything fancy but to me it was absolutely perfect and exactly how i wanted it 🙂 ill do a post soon about our engagement 🙂

When Emilia & Gracie were 4 months old we had to make the tough decision of moving in with relatives because we couldn’t afford the rent on our home, well we could but we didn’t have a lot of money leftover for shopping, clothing etc. so we have been in my parents house since. it has been the hardest year. The girls still share a room with us since birth and its starting to affect us now as a family as we need our own home. Three years into our relationship and we are in the process of buying our own house! We cannot wait to move in, but it seems to be taking forever!! But, we are  nearing the end now though . I cant wait to be a proper family in our own home!